Atavista - Childish Gambino


Childish Gambino

  • Genre: Rap
  • Release Date: 2024-05-13
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2024 RCA Records, under exclusive license from mcDJ Recording


Title Artist Time
Atavista Childish Gambino 3:01
Algorhythm Childish Gambino 3:34
Time (feat. Ariana Grande) Childish Gambino 5:34
Psilocybae (Millennial Love) [ Childish Gambino 6:32
To Be Hunted Childish Gambino 4:14
Sweet Thang (feat. Summer Walk Childish Gambino 7:05
Little Foot Big Foot (feat. Yo Childish Gambino 3:46
Why Go To The Party Childish Gambino 0:41
Human Sacrifice Childish Gambino 5:52
The Violence Childish Gambino 6:03
Final Church Childish Gambino 3:46


  • Amazing Remaster

    By Bluebear060
    It’s everything 3.15.20 was but cleaner and it’s about this dude released something
  • Brilliant

    By chfbsivvshtgvsohgbkxbdo
    This man can do anything he wants and pull it off. Fantastic artist, every track is a gem.
  • Final version is much better

    By TylerKendrickKanye
    2.15.30 felt a bit raw for me, and the remasters on the songs sound a lot better. Not to mention Atavastia and Human Sacrifice are a great add to the albums as well. This album was very well constructed, and I was surprised to randomly see this pop up on my Spotify page on a crappy Tuesday. You could say it a was turned to happy Tuesday after that.
  • Hmm

    By BeZeLy608
    All though this feels complete, sounds better and flows better. Why go the party shouldn’t have been made so short, and little foot big foot’s original version was better. That beat switch on that track was incredible. Didn’t need a random rap verse. Glad I own the vinyl of the original because they took the original album off streaming services.
  • Nice update to 3.15.20

    By Awesome ninja guy
    Some might misinterpret this as a re-release of 3.15.20 with additional tracks and names for those previously released, but it goes beyond that. Everything has been cleaned up and mixed better—a lot of the vocals are cleaner and clearer now. There’s additional musical flourishes, instrumentation, effects, and vocals on most tracks. The better mix goes a long way just by itself—Time gets a pretty substantial facelift, and is now a song that I won’t skip. Sweet Thang was a song I liked in the previous release, but it is much improved with the Summer Walker feature (she finishes out the song with verses previously sung by Childish Gambino in the initial release). There are some songs omitted, but I think this finalized version of the album is more cohesive without those tracks. I enjoy Feels Like Summer, but it never really felt like it fit in with the rest of the tracks. The other two—0.00 and 32.22 aren’t really missed by me. They feel like unfinished concepts and were a little jarring upon my first listen of the previous release. The new tracks (which were teased for years) are a nice addition and fit in nicely. Some people may disagree, but I like that the transitions between tracks have been cleaned up, shortened, or omitted completely. It makes listening to a single song much smoother, and also makes queuing up several different songs or creating playlists a lot smoother. I think the only real critique I find valid is that the original release feels more raw—while this release is more cohesive and well polished, there is something about the original unfinished version that this loses. It’s similar to comparing a live version of an album to the studio version. Some people will prefer one over the other, and they both have different things going for them. The original definitely still has its place. Personally, I prefer the initial version of To Be Hunted (the edited version is still good, it just feels a little sterile). While it is unfortunate that the original is unavailable (outside of YouTube), I understand that it is an unfinished product, and this finished version is what fits Gambino’s artistic vision. If not for the pandemic, we wouldn’t have gotten 3.15.20—we’d have something different (and likely different from this release too). I’m really glad I checked out this album—when I first saw the tracks posted, I thought it was just a straight re-release with track names. Like, ‘oh, they’re just trying to make his catalogue a little cleaner’. There’s more going on than initially meets the eye.
  • finally

    By reezy♨︎
    about time this mfa made music
  • FIRE

    By estvbcio
    not one miss on this one. one of the greatest creatives / artists in our generation. Better appreciate it!
  • An upgrade to an already great album!

    By mwvarley
    When an album is as good unfinished as 3.15.20 was you know it’s gonna be fire once it’s finished and now 4 years later we have that and this time with Human Sacrifice, which I’ve been waiting eagerly for since 2018!
  • Fantastic and Triumphant!

    By 1H2@
    I’m so happy this album is finished and has reached its full potential! 🔥😎🤘
  • This is not the new album

    By Ean636890753289
    These are all old songs

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