Come back to me


  • Genre: K-Pop
  • Release Date: 2024-05-10
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 5:37

Music Video


  • Movie like MV

    By LizPatriciaYu
    This is so good the cinematography is A+++ and the music is top rated
  • Cinema

    By sjhfbxbf
    Love in different ways may not be easy but you have to work together and figure out what both of you want
  • Can't stop listening and watching!

    By itsuptangy
    RM never fails to amaze ARMYS, casual listeners, and the general public with such a masterpiece. Is such a stunning and spectacular watch from start from finish. The MV and song definintely tells a deep story and meaning behind it!
  • Amazing

    El video es increíble, la interpretación que cada persona puede dar me parece estupenda los detalles del video que es como el de una película corta, me causa intriga si el artista va a seguir con la historia en sus próximos videos de su álbum.
  • Brilliant song and video

    By sprice68
    This is such a lovely song and the video so nicely illustrates the idea behind the song. I will enjoy listening and watching many times!
  • So cinematic!

    By WeezieBear7
    Love this music video so much! It’s basically a short film that ends just when it’s starting to get good! O keep noticing new things with every watch and I keep hoping it’ll never end!
  • Come Back to Me: A journey to self-acceptance with BTS RM

    By D!army
    The mv is not only captivating but delivers a profound message of self-acceptance and individuality. RM’s poignant lyrics and mesmerizing voice serve as beacon of self-love, encouraging listeners to embrace their true selves. The accompanying visuals beautifully celebrate diversity and personal expression, reminding us all that happiness lies in being unapologetically ourselves. RM’s artistry shines through, making this a truly awesome piece of work.
  • Masterpiece

    By dv2703
    I know everyone has felt like this before. It’s related, raw and so so beautiful. The lyrics are so well-written. Love everything about it.
  • Come back to me by RM

    By Rupsneel
    This is a well thought through and put together Masterpiece!! It’s a visual and auditory experience in itself on how the intricate story unfolds with the addictive beats along with seductive lyrics luring the listener into a world of possibilities!!
  • Like a mini drama!

    By Vlt1975
    Love the use of parallel universes and seemingly different but the same theme (if that makes any sense). I was so caught up in the video story line and the way the way the music flows so well with it. Love this!

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